IW Professionals Manual


Grades K through 12:

Following years of field research and development, Keith Beery and the Integrated Writing Team have created the most complete and beneficial writing program ever devised.

Integrated Writing (IW) is, on the one hand, a more effective, enjoyable, and inexpensive handwriting method. However, IW is much more than that. IW is the only K-12 writing method which enables teachers to fully integrate writing with reading, mathematics and any other subject desired in order to promote growth in all of these areas.

  • Each book has the same layout for the activities.
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IW Handwriting Instruction:

Handwriting is one of the most commons sources of academic problems. Handwriting problems frequently cause students to avoid writing, thereby reducing their progress in other writing skills as well as other subjects. IW Foundation exercises effectively teach skills for growth in other skills. Students at all grade levels benefit from periodic Foundations review.

IW Foundation exercises provide an integrated continuum of alphabets from which teachers can choose. Each alphabet was created on the basis of visual-motor integration principles and has been extensively field tested by teachers.


IW exercises also provide a continuum of writing line heights, to prevent tight finger writing, ranging from 1 1/2 to 3/8 inches. Students practice “tracking” within outlines of letters, a highly effective visual-motor integration technique. 64 Reproducible Pages Per Exercise Book.

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