The Best Ever Book About: California Missions


This is a simplified, yet complete, resource book detailing each of the 21 Spanish (Catholic) Missions established along El Camino Real. The book begins with a 14-page historical background section that explains the secular, military, and religious attitudes and situations of Spain and Mexico which were instrumental in the history of California. New vocabulary words, maps, pictures, review questions, and Bonus Activities (research questions) are included in this section, as well as each of the individual mission sections.

Each individual mission section includes a diagram of the mission layouts, a fact sheet explaining the mission’s design and compound, two-four pages detailing the historical founding of the mission through secularization, a puzzle (crossword, word search, etc.) relating to the respective mission,  and one page about the mission today. Pictures, diagrams, and maps are included in each section. Review questions and bonus (research) activities follow each sections.

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This book also has a section of Extras:

  1. A map show the various California Indian tribal regions.
  2. A map for the students to complete showing the location of the missions.
  3. Pictures of the missions (and/or the campanario) for the students to label.
  4. Current addresses and phone numbers.
  5. A founding date/information page.
  6. Listing of other missions founded in Baja California.
  7. An historical time line of California from 1450 to 1850.
  8. An historical summary of the establishment of the missions.
  9. A page listing the various hardships each mission faced.
  10. Several pages of craft ideas relating to the missions.

224 reproducible pages; teacher instructions, list of additional resources, glossary and answer keys are provided.

  • Each book has the same layout for the activities.
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